Mastermind Coaching

“Exclusive Coaching Program for Passionate Entrepreneurial Business Owners with Grit and Determination”

Immerse you and your team in ongoing video training to educate, teach and transform the way you do business.


Two live group coaching sessions per month to motivate, inspire and drive sales. Every month you will join like minded leaders in not one but two group coaching sessions a month! An amazing way to keep you focused and motivated. Group coaching via zoom gives you the opportunity to learn and ask questions live!


Special guest presenters from our masterclasses!

Being a leader is a lonely job and it can be stressful. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Whether you can see your way through or not, we’re here to tell you there is a better way.

  • A way where you have systems in place in your business.
  • A way where your staff work together for the common good of the business.
  • A way where you enjoy getting up every morning.

If this sounds like something you want, then you’re in the right place.

Introducing Julie Piantadosi’s New Coaching Program

Mastermind Coaching

Julie Piantadosi is one of Australia’s leading customer service trainers, presenters and business advisors. Companies from all over the world call on her business consulting services to completely transform their teams. Having sold over 2 million DVDs and CDs her seminars are simply life changing!

A published author, business consultant, speaker and trainer, Julie has taken the stage in over 22 countries and has presented over 800 seminars and workshops around the globe.

Her vivacious spirit and powerful positive mindset empowers people and organisations with easily adaptable tools and strategies to help them make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary.

Your Investment

$199 per month

Whats Inside

This program contains video and audio training to help you manage your staff, implement systems and create superior customer service so your clients never want to leave. These are the key areas you will receive training in:

Owners and Managers

This area is suitable for both owners and managers. It contains training to help you manage staff, clients and finances and systems to ensure a profitable, well-run business.

Retails and Sales

Learn the secrets to how people think, the way you should approach retails with your customers how easy it really is to meet targets.

Staff Training

Teach your staff how to be 5-star employees with great attitudes and work ethic.

Downloads – Policies, Procedures and Templates

In this section of the portal you will find a policy and procedure to help you in every area of your business, along with templates and agreements to make it quick and easy to implement.

Other Reasons To Join


  • You will receive instant access to all the training already inside the portal and every month new training is added.
  • 24/7 access to your trainings
  • Use these trainings for ongoing staff and team training
  • You will gain access to a closed Facebook Group where you can mingle with like-minded business owners and get unrivalled support. 
  • There are no lock in contracts. You can leave at any time.
  • You’ll also get the opportunity to book individual one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our coaches at a highly discounted rate if you need some extra input than what you get inside the training portal.

Your Investment

$199 per month