Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to empowering people and organisations from all over the world.

Welcome to Australia’s leading coaching and training academy. Our mission is to help people and organisations be the very best they can be, especially during challenging times. Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with the highest standard of service and care.

At The Total Coaching Academy our mentoring services aim to sustain the things you are good at while developing new ideas. We share our own experiences to help your business uncover new opportunities. Our service include business performance reviews, strategic planning and leadership coaching, mindset training and life coaching which we provide in a diligent manner on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost.

Our qualified and highly trained coaches will push you to become the very best you can be while breaking down barriers and obstacles that get in your way.


 At Total Coaching Academy we …

  • Challenge existing methods
  • Constantly monitor and check progress
  • Mentor personnel to improve performance outcomes
  • Strive for a better everything
  • Develop strong leaders
  • Develop effective teams
  • Review your value proposition in the market place
  • and make you be the very best you can be!

Companies We Work With

Ways to Grow Your Dreams

Are you frustrated not knowing what steps to take to move your business forward?  Stop spinning your wheels. Let us match you with a coach who can give you the direction and focus you need to grow.

Do you love helping others succeed and would like to turn that passion into a business? Allow Total Coaching Academy to give you the tools and resources you need to become a dynamic coach.

Prefer to become a part of a dynamic and growing community of coaches committed to changing the lives and businesses of those they touch? You don’t have to go it alone as a coach.

We would like thank you sincerely for your enthusiastic engagement with our leadership. Julie is engaging, empowering and real!

Our leaders absolutely loved your training!

Tony Taylor – Operations Manager, AP EAGERS Australia Automotive Retail Group

Julie has been instrumental in the Doctor and staff training. Her training sessions are truly the best as she motivates, inspires and empowers staff through communication and coaches employees and leaders to be accountable for their performances in their role on the business of success. I highly recommend her in-house training, her one on one mentoring and all of the resources. We can’t get enough of Julie Piantadosi she is amazing!

CEO Doctor Anh, Plastic Surgeon

Julie has left footprints in the lives of our leaders and front line staff. She’s one of the most authentic presenters we’ve had. Truly life changing.

Lyell Stambri, Qantas CEO Domestic (former)

We had Total Coaching Academy come and train our leaders and teams. The information and trainings are both uplifting, informative and the learnings are easily applied to our day-to-day operations. Highly recommended!

Rose – Anne Sciangalepore, Freedom Furniture