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From one on one coaching to small group mentoring, to corporate and team coaching, we have the right coach or facilitator for you.

Specialists in empowering the mindset, leadership and rapid acceleration programs, our team of highly trained, qualified coaches can help you find the right program so you can move forward and excel both personally and professionally in all areas of your life and business.


Meet Our Coaches

Coach Julie

Julie is …

  • Certified and Qualified
  • Business Coach and Expert
  • Life Coach
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coach
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Robbins-Madanes Core Coach

 Coach Julie is One of Australia’s most sought after coaches, speakers and trainers. Her business consulting is revolutionary and helps business owners make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary through simple and effective tools.

She has trained companies such as Qantas, BMW, Porsche, freedom furniture, ambulance Australia, Kenneth Cole New York, just to name a few.


Breaking Down Emotional Barriers – Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

The aim of CBC is to identify the root of an issue that may be preventing an individual from reaching their full potential.

It differs from other coaching frameworks such as GROW in that it focusses on emotional or psychological barriers, rather than purely practical knowledge, skill or strategic shortcomings.

The primary belief of CBC is that abnormalities and deficiencies stem from faulty cognitions or inaccurate interpretations of the world around us. When the cause of the issue is identified, the next priority is to ascertain which action/actions should be undertaken to take control of the issue and to address it, by altering the individual’s belief systems regarding the event or situation.

Often in business our thoughts and our behaviour can stop us achieving the financial rewards we deserve. Julie has the ability to work through these roadblocks and empowers business owners to get through to the other side.

Coach Michelle

Michelle is a qualified  …

  • Advanced Functional Naturopathic Practitioner
  • DNA Nutrigenomics Practitioner
  • PSYCH-K ® Facilitator – Mindset and Abundance Creator
  • PER-K ® Business Catalyst Coach
  • Health & Wellness Presenter and Educator

What Is PER-K® Business Catalyst Coaching?

In these changing times, the beliefs we create and transform within an organization are requiring rapid and effective change on our conscious, subconscious and higher energetic level.

Business coaching has to adapt to how we are now perceiving our futures and we have the tools to SIMPLY create lasting and significant change, deep deep down in our subconscious.

We always have!

Coach Michelle allows you the space to easily, effectively and powerfully find and tap into those subconscious thoughts and aling them with your conscious decisions and actions.


PER-K® Catalyst Coaching is ideal for creating change and evolution personally and within business organizations by applying the PER-K® processes with individuals and with teams.

In these changing times the beliefs we hold, shape our future and determine our success.

As a PER-K® Facilitator, Michelle helps you create and transform your limiting beliefs and coach you or an organization facilitating with a subconscious and conscious mind PSYCH-K ® approach.

PSYCH-K ® sessions expand your consciousness and release your perceptions of stressors.

Activate all Possibilities, Energy & Resources.
PER-K ® is the Key for Sustainable Success to Create a transformational leap in your own business

A PER-K® Catalyst facilitates your business designs, aligns and transform beliefs about what is needed for the organization to become the best it can be.

Other Services

Coach Michelle is a Professional Advanced Nutrigenomic Practitioner and Wellness Coach & Educator and can also help you with …


  • Finding and treating the ROOT cause of your underlying health complaints Professional consultations online and in person.
  • Online targeted nutritional programmes to improve your Moods, Immune Resilience, Healthy Hormones, Gut Health/Microbiome, Gentle Detoxification Programmes, Mental Health and Improve Memory, Weight Loss.
  • Deeply connecting with your Health Issues with Functional and Nutrigenomic Pathology testing.
  • Understanding how your GENES affect your health – especially the MTHFR Gene (your metabolism’s most important gene!).
  • Personalised DNA nutritional products, exercise and recipes, formulated with over 30 years of science and matched to YOUR DNA! No more guessing what supplement is right for you!
  • Removing the chronicity of overworked, stressed and fatigued bodies that simply don’t feel up to anything other than surviving day to day! Bringing back your “Sexy”.
  • Plus Advanced Laboratory based Food Intolerance Blood Testing, Stool testing, Hormones and many other functional Natural Medicine tests where indicated clinically.

Coach Kim

Kim is a …

  • Mortgage Broker
  • Finance Specialist

Coach Kim can help you with …

  • All your lending needs
  • Helping you find pockets of hidden money
  • Partner with you to reach your financial goals

Kim’s passion is saving clients every cent possible of their hard-earned money.


Why Use a Broker?

One of the most common questions that often comes up is, “Why use a Broker?”

There’s many reasons but the main one boils down to the fact that Brokers offer more choice. Banks are only able to offer and sell their own products and work within their own lending policies which means if you don’t fit their criteria, what they can offer you may be restricted or it may be that they can’t offer you a solution at all.

In addition to this, your borrowing capacity with each bank will vary because they each use and apply their own formula and calculations to determine what they’re willing to lend you. Rather than visit a multitude of banks, a broker has access to each of the lenders’ calculators to to work this all out for you.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your bank is telling you you’re maxed out and can’t borrow anymore, that may very well be the case with them but not necessarily with the next lender.

You can trust that whatever work Kim does for you, she will treat it like its her own finances and will only ever recommend something that she herself would do.

If you’re ready to review your finances and make sure you’re not giving away a cent more than absolutely necessary, book Coach Kim today for a confidential session and take back control of your cash flow!


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